Why New Parents Don’t Need Any Dumbbells

Truthfully, new parents don’t even need to go jogging by themselves (although we’re sure after having that newborn, mommy or daddy or both would love to get out of the house at some point, just maybe not to go jogging!). You might even think the stress and activity of having to take care of a baby, toddler or middle-schooler could cause you to get a few more inches around the belly, and you might be right. But here’s what you need to know about personalized weight loss, especially for new parents:

New Parents Will Do Just Fine With Weight Loss If They Just Do This One Thing — Play With Your Kids!

You heard right. Just playing with your kids for at least a half-hour a day will actually burn well over 100 Calories daily. That’s just for a half-hour, too. We know how time flies when we go for a walk with the kids to the park, push the swings, or new parents weight losseven play with dolls; so chances are you’ll be spending way more time than that with your kids as new parents, and before you know it, you’re cutting Calories faster than your toddlers will cut new teeth.

It’s all about the everyday activity, Calorie burning without weight lifting or fitness training, and it’s completely natural. That’s because this is your job as new parents. You do this 24/7. Changing diapers, giving these kids their baths, picking up toys, feeding them. All of this will actually burn your Calories consistently, and that’s the key: consistency.

Yet Another Reason Why It’s Important to Be the Best New Parents We Can Be

You’re not just molding and shaping a young mind, raising a child. You’re benefiting your health. You’re benefiting the child’s psychological and emotional health as well as your own. Because before you know it, you’ll look in the mirror after a long day of chasing that toddler around the house, realizing you’ve got some great abs on you!

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