Sitting, Walking and Biking: The Ultimate Calorie Burning Plan

This isn’t a gimmick. We’re not selling you a miracle. We’re not pulling your chain. We’re simply giving you the facts. When it comes to a personalized weight loss program, sometimes you just have to be consistent with your everyday life, and you just might see the results you want! All without picking up one dumbbell or taking any supplements. It’s pretty remarkable.

Yes, It’s True: Sitting, Walking and (of Course) Biking Can Make for the BestCalorie burning Seinfeld Calorie Burning Plan

That means you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for a gym membership to get into Calorie burning. You can sit and watch TV and lose 40 Calories for every episode of Seinfeld on Hulu Plus. And you don’t even have to be a pirate.

Walking, of course, does contribute, but no one ever realizes just how beneficial it truly is when you do it every day. For a half-hour of walking, Calorie burning tops off at just over 100. Not too shabby. And you get great scenery (just wear the layers, earmuffs and gloves during the winter).

As for biking? Well, duh. You’re sweating just from riding your bike around the block, but what about taking your bike to work 5-6 days a week? All those Calories will add up: Calorie burning of 220 per half-hour, just from taking the bike every day. Makes biking a necessity rather than a recreation (although we’d venture to say that it would be enjoyable getting to work in that way anyway!).

So the Next Time You’re Asked If You Work Out….

You can safely say NO. You don’t. You don’t need to. Or you can simply say YES, because your version of working out is nothing more than sitting (and watching Seinfeld), walking (just because) or biking (to work). No gym memberships. No sore muscles. Just consistent activity, every day of your life. That’s what truly gives you the results you want.

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